Xkom-par (damah, mashal, ; paraballo, sugkrino): "Compare" is the translation of damah, "to be like" (Song 1:9); of mashal, "to liken," "compare" (Isa 46:5); of `arakh, "to set in array," "compare" (Ps 89:6; Isa 40:18); of shawah, "to be equal" (Prov 3:15; 8:11).
In the New Testament sugkrino, "to judge" or "sift together," is translated "comparing," "comparing spiritual things with spiritual" (1 Cor 2:13 the English Revised Version), the American Standard Revised Version "combining" ("adapting the discourse to the subject," Thayer), the Revised Version, margin "interpreting spiritual things to spiritual (men)."
W. L. Walker