The Revised Version (British and American) makes frequent changes, such as "for," "as for," "from," "about," for "concerning"; "concerning" instead of "for," "of," "over," "in," "against," etc. Some of the other changes are, "unto that which is good" for "concerning" (Rom 16:19), "concerning" instead of "because of" (Jer 23:9), for "the miracle of" (Mk 6:52); for "with" (Mk 10:41), for "of the Lord" (Acts 18:25), "concerning Jesus" (diferent text), "by way of disparagement" (2 Cor 11:21), instead of "concerning reproach"; "Why askest thou me concerning that which is good?" (Mt 19:17) instead of "Why callest thou me good?" (different text; see the Revised Version, margin).
W. L. Walker