XXfoot-stool (kebhes; hupopodion, "trodden on"): The 15 Scripture references to this term may be classified as literal or figurative. Of the former are the two passages: 2 Ch 9:18 and Jas 2:3. In these the footstool was a sort of step or support for the feet placed before the throne or any pretentious seat.
Of figurative uses, there are the following groups: (1) Of the earth: Isa 66:1; Mt 5:35; Acts 7:49. (2) Of the ark: 1 Ch 28:2. (3) Of the Temple: Ps 99:5; 132:7; Lam 2:1; compare Isa 60:13. (4) Of heathen enemies subdued by the Messianic King: Ps 110:1; Mt 22:44 the King James Version; Mk 12:36; Lk 20:43; Acts 2:35; Heb 1:13; 10:13. Thus the uses of this term are mainly metaphorical and symbolic of subjection, either to God as universal Lord or to Gods Son as King by redemptive right. Compare 1 Cor 15:25-27, in which all things, including death, are represented as subject to Christ and placed beneath His feet.
Leonard W. Doolan