XXshe-lo-mith, shel-o-mith (shelomith; in Ezr 8:10, shelomith):
(1) The mother of the man who was stoned for blasphemy (Lev 24:11) (BAF, Salomeith, Lucian, Salmith).
(2) Daughter of Zerubbabel (1 Ch 3:19) (Codex Vaticanus Salomethei; Codex Alexandrinus Salomethi, Lucian, Salomith).
(3) One of the "sons of Izhar" (1 Ch 23:18) (Codex Vaticanus Salomoth; Codex Alexandrinus Saloumoth, Lucian, Salomith), called "Shelomoth" in 24:22.
(4) The name of a family whose representatives returned with Ezra (Ezr 8:10) (Codex Vaticanus Saleimouth; Lucian, Salimoth). The Massoretic Text here should read, "and the sons of Bani; Shelomith, son of Josiphiah"; and in 1 Esdras 8:36, "of the sons of Banias, Salimoth, son of Josaphias."
Horace J. Wolf