XX(atsar, gedhabhar, gizbar, cakhan; oikonomos): (1) Atsar, meaning primarily "to store up," and hence, one who lays up in store, i.e. a "treasurer": "I made treasurers over the treasuries" (Neh 13:13). (2) Gedhabhar (Aramaic), used only in Dan 3:2,3: "treasurers," named with judges and counselors as recognized officials. (3) Gizbar, used in Ezr 7:21 (Aramaic) and equivalent in Ezr 1:8 (Hebrew): "treasurers beyond the river" and "Mithredath the treasurer." (4) Cakhan, primarily meaning "one who ministers to," and hence, a keeper of treasure, treasurer: "Get thee unto this treasurer" (Isa 22:15). Perhaps the idea of steward is here intended. (5) Oikonomos, by the King James Version translated "chamberlain," more properly in the American Standard Revised Version translated "treasurer": "Erastus the treasurer of the city saluteth you" (Rom 16:23).
William Edward Raffety