XX (a hill ), a city of Benjamin, with "suburbs," allotted to the priests. ( Joshua 21:17 ; 1 Chronicles 6:60 ) It is named amongst the first group of the Benjamite towns --apparently those lying near to and along the north boundary. ( Joshua 18:24 ) Here the name is given as GABA. During the wars of the earlier part of the reign of Saul, Geba was held as a garrison by the Philistines, ( 1 Samuel 13:3 ) but they were ejected by Jonathan. It is now the modern village of Jeba , which stands picturesquely on the top of its steep terraced hill, six miles north of Jerusalem, on the very edge of the great Wady Suweinit , looking northward to the opposite village of ancient Michmash, which also retains its old name of Mukhmas .