XX (dark-skinned ), the second in order of the sons of Ishmael, ( Genesis 25:13 ; 1 Chronicles 1:29 ) and the name of a great tribe of Arabs settled on the northwest of the peninsula and on the confines of Palestine. The "glory of Kedar" is recorded by the prophet Isaiah, ( Isaiah 21:13-17 ) in the burden upon Arabia; and its importance may also be inferred from the "princes of Kedar" mentioned by Ezekiel, ( Ezekiel 27:21 ) as well as the pastoral character of the tribe. They appear also to have been, like the wandering tribes of the present day, "archers" and "mighty men." ( Isaiah 21:17 ) comp. Psal 120:5 That they also settled in villages or towns we find from Isaiah. ( Isaiah 42:11 ) The tribe seems to have been one of the most conspicuous of all the Ishmaelite tribes, and hence the rabbins call the Arabians universally by this name.