X (heights of Gilead ), one of the great fastnesses on the east of jordan, and the key to an important district. ( 1 Kings 4:13 ) It was the city of refuge for the tribe of Gad, ( 4:43 ; Joshua 20:8 ; 21:38 ) and the residence of one of Solomons commissariat officers. ( 1 Kings 4:13 ) During the invasion related in ( 1 Kings 15:20 ) or some subsequent incursion, this important place had seized by Ben-hadad I., king of Syria. The incidents of Ahabs expedition are well known. Later it was taken by Israel, and held in spite of all the efforts of Hazael who was now on the throne of Damascus, to regain it. ( 2 Kings 9:14 ) Henceforward Ramoth-gilead disappears from our view. Eusebius and Jerome specify the position of Ramoth as 15 miles from Philadelphia (Amman ). It may correspond to the site bearing the name of Jelad , exactly identical with the ancient Hebrew Gilead, which is four or five miles north of es-Salt , 25 miles east of the Jordan and 13 miles south of the brook Jabbok.