AGAINST, prep. agenst'.

1. In opposition; noting enmity or disapprobation.

His hand will be against every man. Gen 16.

I am against your pillows. Ezek 8.

2. In opposition, noting contrariety, contradiction, or repugnance; as, a decree against law, reason or public opinion.

3. In opposition, noting competition, or different sides or parties; as, there are twenty votes in the affirmative against ten in the negative.

4. In an opposite direction; as, to ride against the wind.

5. Opposite in place; abreast; as, a ship is against the mouth of a river. In this sense it is often preceded by over.

Aaron lighted the lamps over against the candlesticks.

Num 8.

6. In opposition, noting adversity, injury, or contrariety to wishes; as, this change of measures is against us.

7. Bearing upon; as, one leans against a wall.

8. In provision for; in preparation for.

Urijah made it against king Ahaz came from Damascus.

2 Ki 16.

In this sense against is a preposition, with the following part of the sentence for an object. See , prep. def. 2.

In short, the sense of this word is opposition, variously modified according to its application to different objects.