XDEAF, n. deef.

1. Not perceiving sounds; not receiving impressions from sonorous bodies through the air; as a deaf ear.

2. Wanting the sense of hearing; having organs which do not perceive sounds; as a deaf man. It is followed by to before that which ought to be heard; as deaf to the voice of the orator.

3. In a metaphorical sense, not listening; not regarding; not moved, persuaded or convinced; rejecting; as deaf to reason or arguments. Men are deaf to the calls of the gospel.

4. Without the ability or will to regard spiritual things; unconcerned; as, hear, ye deaf. Is. x1ii.

5. Deprived of the power of hearing; deafened; as deaf with clamor.

6. Stifled; imperfect; obscurely heard; as a deaf noise or murmur.

, v.t. to deafen, is used by Dryden, but is obsolete, unless perhaps in poetry.