EX'ERCISE, n. s as z.

1. In a general sense, to move; to exert; to cause to act, in any manner; as, to exercise the body or the hands; to exercise the mind, the powers of the mind, the reason or judgment.

2. To use; to exert; as, to exercise authority or power.

3. To use for improvement in skill; as, to exercise arms.

4. To exert one's powers or strength; to practice habitually; as, to exercise one's self in speaking or music.

5. To practice; to perform the duties of; as, to exercise an office.

6. To train to use; to discipline; to cause to perform certain acts, as preparatory to service; as, to exercise troops.

7. To task; to keep employed; to use efforts.

Herein do I exercise myself, to have always a conscience void of offense towards God and men. Acts 24.

8. To use; to employ.

9. To busy; to keep busy in action, exertion or employment.

10. To pain or afflict; to give anxiety to; to make uneasy.

, v.i. To use action or exertion; as, to exercise for health or amusement.