1. To fix; to settle; to establish; to make fast.

When he appointed the foundations of the earth. Prov 8.

2. To constitute, ordain, or fix by decree, order or decision.

Let Pharoah appoint officers over the land. Gen 41.

He hath appointed a day in which he will judge the world. Acts 17.

3. To allot, assign or designate.

Aaron and his sons shall appoint every one to his service. Num 4.

These cities were appointed for all the children of Israel. Josh 20.

4. To purpose or resolve; to fix the intention.

For so he had appointed. Acts 20.

5. To ordain, command or order.

Thy servants are ready to do whatever my Lord the King shall appoint. 2 Sam 15.

6. To settle; to fix, name or determine by agreement; as, they appointed a time and place for the meeting.