POLLU'TE, v.t.

1. To defile; to make foul or unclean; in a general sense. But appropriately, among the Jews, to make unclean or impure, in a legal or ceremonial sense, so as to disqualify a person for sacred services, or to render things unfit for sacred uses. Num 18. Exo 20. 2 Ki 23. 2 Chr 36.

2. To taint with guilt.

Ye pollute yourselves with all your idols. Ezek 20.

3. To profane; to use for carnal or idolatrous purposes.

My sabbaths they greatly polluted. Ezek 20.

4. To corrupt or impair by mixture of ill, moral or physical.

Envy you my praise, and would destroy

With grief my pleasures, and pollute my joy?

5. To violate by illegal sexual commerce.

, a. Polluted; defiled.