SA'VOR, n.

1. Taste or odor; something that perceptibly affects the organs of taste and smell; as the savor of an orange or rose; an ill savor; a sweet savor.

I smell sweet savors -

In Scripture, it usually denotes smell, scent, odor.

Lev 26. Eccl 10.

2. The quality which renders a thing valuable; the quality which renders other bodies agreeable to the taste.

If the salt hath lost its savor - Mat 5.

3. In Scripture, character; reputation. Exo 5.

4. Cause; occasion. 2 Cor 2.

Sweet savor, in Scripture, denotes that which renders a thing acceptable to God, or his acceptance. Hence, to smell a sweet savor, is to accept the offering or service. Gen 8.

, v.t.

1. To like; to taste or smell with pleasure.

2. To like; to delight in; to favor. Mat 16.