1. The lowest part of any thing; as the bottom of a well, vat or ship; the bottom of a hill.

2. The ground under any body of water; as the bottom of the sea, of a river or lake.

3. The foundation or ground work of any thing, as of an edifice,or of any system or moral subject; the base, or that which supports any superstructure.

4. A low ground; a dale; a valley; applied in the U. States to the flat lands adjoining rivers, _c. It is so used in some parts of England.

5. The deepest part; that which is most remote from the view; as, let us examine this subject to the bottom.

6. Bound; limit.

There is no bottom in my voluptuousness.

7. The utmost extent or depth of cavity, or of intellect, whether deep or shallow.

I do See , v.i. To rest upon, as its ultimate support.

Find on what foundation a proposition bottoms.